How can you Increase your home’s value without breaking the bank?

Your home’s value is based upon location, size, condition and amenities.  Although you can’t move your home’s location unless it has wheels, you can change the size and condition of the property. Adding a bedroom or a master bath may seem daunting, but there are some very affordable ways to update a home and make it appealing to buyers. If you are able to make sweeping changes, remember not to out-price your neighborhood. You never want to exceed 20% over the average home in your area.

Some simple updates include changing out light fixtures; updating appliances; painting inside and out, and adding a few new shrubs and flowers along your front walkway. Something simple like painting your front door and adding a new door knob makes a great first impression. If your ‘extra bedroom’ is a catch-all, consider purchasing a new comforter and a few throw pillows, and don’t forget to do a good clean out.  Hard water stains on the bathroom faucet? It’s amazing what a new decorative faucet can do for the overall look of the room. Add a few new towels and see how different the room can look. Put away knick knacks that you love, and let prospective buyers envision their personal items on your counter tops.

If you’ve made the decision to list your home, the least expensive fixes are within reach: make sure all your walkways are swept; park any extra vehicles away from your property; clean your windows; shine up your bathrooms and kitchen; open your drapes and turn on all lights, and don’t forget that people love to look in your closets, so make sure everything is tidy.

We often become immune to our home’s quirks, however buyers don’t want to see cracked grout and worn out carpets. Many updates are affordable and can result in amazing payoffs when you sell.